How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC

How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC?

Indian Railways are the most overcrowded trains in the whole world. They carry passengers twice the numbers of seats available. So, when you want to travel by train, it’s hard to get a reservation as the trains are full like a month before the date of journey. And if you have a last minute journey then Tatkal ticket is your only option to secure a seat on the train you want. Tatkal has limited seats and all of them are booked in a matter of minutes or even seconds if I dare say so.

Anyone who has booked a Tatkal ticket knows that it is a race against time. You need to be very fast with the process of booking the Tatkal ticket or you would end up with no seat. Here are some ways using which you can minimize your time needed to book the ticket and, therefore, increase your chances of getting a reservation.

Ways to book a tatkal ticket on IRCTC

1. Book A Tatkal Ticket Online Using A Browser

As I said before, it is a race against time, therefore, go to IRCTC website and log into your account before 9:55 am, in case you are booking an AC class ticket, or at 10:55 am if you are booking a Non-AC class ticket. Keep your session alive until only 2 minutes are left then quickly proceed to “Plan My Travel” page and fill all your journey details and select quota as Tatkal. The moment the clock ticks at 10 am or 11 am, click “Submit”.


2. Use Apps/Websites That Are Specially Made For Tatkal Ticket Booking

There are apps like Super Tatkal, Quick Book Tatkal which are specially built for the purpose of Tatkal ticket booking. You can fill your form in advance and be ready. When its time, you can simply launch the app and it will do the rest. You just have to get the payment process done. Other than that, these apps do everything and, hence, saves a lot of valuable time.

I myself use Super Tatkal as it not only fills up the form but also clicks on the “Submit” button and gets onto the next page and fills up that too. So once you launch this app, just in a matter of seconds all your details are being filled up and you are directed to the “Make Payment” page. So what takes about 2 minutes can now be done in like 30 secs flat. So this is the best app I’ve used so far.

There are different plugin’s for your browser like Magic Autofill, My Rail Info etc for IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking that let you fill your form in advance and when its time, just click on that plugin (in case you are using Chrome, then it’s on top right-hand side corner beside the address bar) and they will do the rest and get you directly to the “Make Payment” page. So this is also a faster way to fill up form and secure a seat on the train you want.

Internet connection seems to be the major hurdle in these processes. As soon as the Tatkal tickets become available, thousands of people go online. This creates tremendous pressure on the IRCTC servers which slows down the process.This, according to me, is a major reason why people aren’t able to secure a reservation in the train they want using these apps or websites.


Preferred banks

This is also an important feature that people normally ignore. It is a good habit by adding your preferred banks beforehand. You can do this by going to the “My Profile” section and then to “Preferred Banks” and add your banks. Therefore, when you are booking an online Tatkal ticket, you won’t have to juggle through all the banks and then finally select your bank. This saves a lot of valuable time.


Things To Remember

Lots of people think that you cannot refresh the page or go back to the previous page while going through the reservation process. Partly, it is true. You can use these functions normally while filling a form or etc, but NEVER do this when you get into the payment process.

At the end, I think, it is just a train ticket. So no need to kill or die for it. It may be very important for you to be somewhere, but I can guarantee that it is not more important than your life. So don’t make a big fuzz if you get the ticket or vice versa. There are always other modes of travel available.

Hope this article helps you when you will be booking a Tatkal ticket next time. If you have any suggestions or questions related to the same, then do leave a comment.

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