How Do I Book My Railway Ticket Online (Tatkal ticket)

How Do I Book My Railway Ticket Online (Tatkal ticket)?

There are many ways you can book your online ticket. Since the digitization of Indian Railways, you no longer have to take off from your work and stand in long queue’s to book a train ticket. You can now simply log into the official website of IRCTC and book your tatkal ticket online.

Ways to book online tatkal ticket

IRCTC has also launched IRCTC Rail Connect app, using which you can book an online ticket from your smartphone itself. Apart from IRCTC, many other developers have made their own apps through which you can book an online railway ticket.


There are other apps like Super Tatkal, Quick Book, Indian Railway IRCTC, Where Is My Train etc which are extremely useful apps which will help you to book an online railway ticket, be it a normal reservation or a Tatkal ticket, with ease along with various other features like Cancellation of tickets, track PNR status, Live Station Status etc. I’ve discussed these apps in great detail in my article: Top 5 IRCTC Android Apps To Track PNR, Book Tickets, And More.


Regular Online Reservation

Making a regular reservation is an easy task. Just select your stations and based on the Date Of Journey, you will find trains on the website or the apps. Select the train and book the ticket by making payment. Read this article, What Are Some Of The IRCTC Online Train Ticket Booking Hacksif you want to better your chances of getting a confirmed ticket and don’t want to fight your way with the Tatkal.


Booking an Online Tatkal Ticket

Booking a Tatkal ticket, on the other hand, is a task for the fastest. AC tickets become available at 10 am on the previous day of the journey and Non-AC class tickets become available at 11 am. These tickets are booked within 5 minutes. Therefore, if you are not ready with all the details needed or for any other reason take too much time, then you won’t be getting a confirmed ticket. And General waiting list is preferred over Tatkal waiting list. So, you need to get a confirmed Tatkal ticket at any condition.


The ways and apps which will help you get a confirm tickets are discussed in detail in this article: How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC?

Do read everything discussed in that article if you want to get a confirm Tatkal ticket.

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